Monday, May 21, 2012

And Away We Go...

It will be a year ago on June 10 that I left my full time faculty position to take a part time job.  I fully expected to leap nimbly from the workaday world into the fully formed downshifted family centered keep a neat and tidy fairy cottage.

Well, it never works that way, does it?

I once worked at a wonderful place where the director--THE Boss--was a certifiable lunatic.  He would hurl his computer down the steps if it didn't work to his liking.  He was taken to court on various charges on various occasions.  And when he left, there was a big party.  But a couple of weeks later, it started to sink in that, however many problems he caused, he wasn't the only problem.  There were more than enough of those to go around.

So I've had close to a year to realize that alot of what I thought was my job standing in my way has really been me standing in my way.  And a year is just about long enough of a research project.  Based on my research, here is my plan:

1. Live healthier
2. Spend less
3. Pay off debts
4. Be a better wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/citizen
5. Keep the damn house clean
6. Use what I have before getting what I want
7. Scale my massive wall of cynicism in hopes of finding some spiritual guidance and solace.

Tomorrow is a good day to officially start all this.  I signed up for an online course called 30 Day Vegan.  Tonight we polished off the leftover pork and salmon and tomorrow I have off of work so time can be spent cooking and chopping and plotting and planning.

Sounds fascinating, non? The tension will be between me and myself as I strive towards improvement without being able to take myself seriously.  Stay tuned.